Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Water Garden

The water garden is up and running finally. I decided this year I was going to go to Webb's in Fallston to get some advice since I haven't been successful in the past few years. I got a great water lilly, dwarf horsetail rush and a purple flowering plant that I can't remember the name of. She suggested that I move the garden into some afternoon shade. Hopefully that will work. I forgot to swipe some floating plants from mom and dad's garden so I will have to go buy some. Emma can't wait to buy some fish for the pond. Hopefully this year they will last more than a week!


There are a few plants that I have that grow well in Arizona and Connecticut despite the difference in climate. This Primrose is one of them. When I bought it I thought it couldn't possibly be the same one I had in AZ but is looks and acts exactly the same. It spreads rapidly but is easy to pull up if it gets out of control. Here is is in AZ:

Rose Bugs

The leaves on the rose bushes are being eaten again this year. I'm going to spray them with insecticidal soap and see what happens


The Iris that mom gave me are blooming this year. Mine are not. I found out that this is a division from one that I bought mom at the Tucson Botanical Gardens plant sale several years ago.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Plant Markers

I love the Dollar bins at Target. I recently found these plant markers. I think the Herbs are going to have to move to pots this year. I need more room for vegetables.

Early Spring Shade garden Perennials


Last fall I threw an old pumpkin into the garden and forgot about it. I discovered these seedlings a few days ago. Maybe I'll plant one and see what happens.

Violas everywhere

I planted some pansies and violas last spring and they lasted all summer and through the winter. There are only a few left this spring and a few volunteers. I had a broken pot in the garage so i brought it out and transplanted some of them.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I knew I saved these for a reason

I had some violas in pots from last fall that I stuck in the garage for the winter. They looked pretty sad in their original pots so I packed what was left of them into one pot and watered them. Here they are two weeks later...

Earl gave me this pot. It was Judi's. She always had it sitting somewhere near the front door and it always looked perfect in whatever spot it was for that year. I hope it will like it's new home.


The front yard garden is filling in nicely

A little piece of the desert

I couldn't resist heading out to my favorite cactus shop, Tanque Verde Greenhouses, on our recent trip to AZ. I bought two of my favorites - an organ pipe cactus and an old man cactus and combined them with another cactus I had into this nice pot.

More Tulips

What a difference six days can make!


The spring bulb flowers are looking nice this year, especially these red tulips. They were the first to appear.

Garden Photos

All of Jen's gardening photos past and present can be found here

Keeping a Journal

I've been taking so many pictures of the garden lately that I thought I would keep a journal of my gardening adventures to refer back to in the coming years. Here goes....

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